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Caring for your swimwear

Regardless of the brand of swimwear you own, if you follow these simple swimwear care instructions you will get lots of wear and enjoyment from all your swimwear:

  • Hand wash your swimwear, bikinis or tankinis within 1 to 2 hours after wearing them, in cool clean water with a mild liquid hand soap or a very mild detergent.
  • Wash out suntan oils as soon as possible. Prolonged exposure to suntan oils will damage both the fabric and elastic if not cleaned quickly from your bikinis and tankinis. As much as possible, try to keep the tanning oils & creams off your bikinis & tankinis in the first place!
  • Wash out all chemicals and chlorine as quickly as possible after wearing your bikinis and tankinis in swimming pools. They can damage your bikinis' & tankinis' fabrics and/or colors.
  • Rinse out your bikinis & tankinis as soon as possible if they have been exposed to ocean salt water.
  • It is NOT recommended that you soak, tumble dry, or leave bikinis or tankinis bundled alone or with other items while wet.
  • Squeeze your bikinis & tankinis very gently and drip dry where possible. An automatic washing machine is NOT recommended. Also, using a dryer is NOT recommended.
  • While drying, do not expose your bikinis or tankinis to direct sunlight. Long exposure to the sun will fade any colored fabric, and bikinis and tankinis are no exception. 
  • Dry cleaning agents are definitely NOT recommended for your bikinis and tankinis.
  • Bikinis and tankinis should NOT be worn in Whirlpools or Hot Tubs as damage can result.